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3×18 Super Wall Platform Silver

3×18 Super Wall Platform Silver


Our Overhead Storage Super Platforms come in a variety of sizes. The advantages are one contiguous platform with no dividers in the middle of the grids.

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Product Description


  • • You can create one contiguous ceiling storage system across your garage. No center dividers.
  • • You can store larger items than on individual racks.
  • • You can diffuse the weight load across a greater area of your garage ceiling.
  • • You can maximize your available ceiling storage space.
  • • You can add a Motorized Storage Lift System for hands free lifting along side of your Super Platform.
  • • You can create custom colors. 
  • • Super Platforms can be placed above the garage doors, along a walls or the center of your garage.
  • • You can also bolt a Super Platform to the walls to create a Super Platform Overhead Wall Shelf. 
  • • Call us if you need help. We can design a system for you and ship it directly to your home within 24-48 hrs. of placing your order. 

Strong Racks is the nation’s premier provider of Strong Racks, the strongest and safest overhead rack products available on the market today. Our racks are capable of holding higher weight capacities than any competitive products due to their innovative design and quality components. Because these overhead storage racks work so well, many customers have expressed their need for a larger version of our overhead rack to meet their storage needs. To meet this demand, Strong Racks has designed their overhead storage units to be able to connect with each other, forming a Super Platform overhead storage system.

There are many advantages of installing a Super Platform into your home, the first being that it is capable of holding more storage than any single overhead storage device. Another advantage that a Super Platform has over a standard overhead rack is that it diffuses the weight of the storage across a larger number of ceiling joists, creating a storage system with superior durability. Furthermore, a Super Platform is customized to meet your needs, and can be sized 4 feet wide by any length (in 2 foot increments). This ensures that no matter the size of your garage, a Super Platform storage system can be designed to meet your storage needs.

These storage systems are a perfect storage solution for any garage, as they create an ample amount of space to store items of nearly any size! Furthermore, they are capable of holding much more storage and weight than a traditional overhead rack. Contact Strong Racks today and see what a Super Platform storage system can do for you!

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